dude if listening to that does not fuck you up, you may have probably never loved someone

idk w/e I’m not crying rn or anything

and now

I’m watching Amber Riley sing I Will Always Love You

and everything’s ok, right?

I’m gonna start collecting photos of pretentious tea-related business. #snobbitea

I’m gonna start collecting photos of pretentious tea-related business. #snobbitea


The Forgotten Story of the Freedom Schools

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Gunna make this gif the new Kermit sipping tea


Can also be used when someone on your dash is getting dragged


There are places in Japan where they will NOT serve any forgeigners.  Won’t even let them in the building.  All these white people who have fantasies of going to Japan and living out their Geisha Otaku fantasies are in for a wake up call.

The President of Zimbabwe is trying to kick out white farmers, he doesn’t want white people owning the land, and he has many supporters.

There was another article where a country in Asia (pretty sure it was Southeast Asia) stopped allowing white models to be in advertisements over there because of the damage it was doing to the women there.

Remember the white guy with the Buddha tattoo who got banned from that one country and they wouldn’t even let him in the country?

More and more people of color are speaking up.  They’re tired of white people who don’t know how to play nice with others thinking they’re doormats who will just welcome white people to everything, and I love it.

*does a booty dance*

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